Welcome to 46th Productions


We are a Canadian military wardrobe and actor training company centered in Ontario specializing in WW1 and WW2 Canadian and Commonwealth uniforms, equipment and training.

46th Productions provides military costume design, wardrobe provisioning, rentals and historical advice on Canadian and Commonwealth military during World War One and World War Two.

46th Productions can provide your production with on or off site period military training for actors and crew. This training not only educates the actors about the characters they are playing, but the conditions, feelings and duties performed and experienced by their characters in the specific time period they are representing.


We at 46th Productions pride ourselves on not just providing a wardrobe service, but attaching the history, the passion and memories of those represented by the uniform to every item we provide. Actors not only wear our uniforms, they are given the opportunity to transport themselves into their role through the genuine history of their wardrobe and training.